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Farm Sitting

7 January 2017

Staying at the farm farm sitting while daughter is working on the By-pass is overseas in Ireland.

It’s been so sad to see how dry the farm is but my spirit is not broken or deterred. I am coming back later in the year after contemplating the situation up North. Have been looking around and realising what my problem is. I know I have to learn and do more on the internet that’s for sure. Talking to many people around that are struggling I have noticed that in this world you really have to market yourself. I also have realised to do with what you have till it picks up and then you can consider your options… So learning and doing I am!  There is really a lot out there you have to have a go at least which I am go over and over till you start to see how things do work and how?  It’s actually very interesting especially at my age, a real challenge. Life is no point in crying over spilt milk and telling people how bad your life is and all your problems you encounter, your family want nothing to do from you, that you are a loser. No, stop, I will not listen to that, one is entitled to make mistakes we all do, but the best part is learning from it. I have always put my head on the chopping block making sure not to get chopped, but stand tall and follow your dreams…..what a Buzz when things do happen.. Been bringing down more stuff that I have finished or improved..


Travelling quillo with a pillow

Quillo for a child or teenager to travel with, maybe Grandma sitting in a chair doing her stuff.  It’s so good for travelling you can carry it like a bag and leave it as is till you use it. It folds out into a good size quilt cot size for small children or a good lap quilt for an elderly person, on the plane or in the car, or wherever you want to rest and cover yourself …. quite handy comes with a pillow and you can put your nightwear into the opening tucking it well in. Handle for carrying it wherever you go, a pillow so you can use it and not lose it….


  1. A German Treasure

    Googley-German 6″ doll.

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