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10 November 2009

A7M Karen 33″ (84cms) German ToddlerWe are finally moving! I thought it would be wonderful but its become so daunting! Have gone back to do three shows for the end of the year 2009.
Mainly to finish things for the barn and to see what people are looking for? What are they looking and buying? Very hard indeed. But if there were not
people like us collecting making things, then people wouldn’t collect or be interested in anything at all? People would not know the value of these things. I did do some modern dolls and clothing on the cheaper side so that I could pay for the stall and sell some dolls. Bad, bad, thing! First rule, you do not do what other people do, and you do not sell things on the cheaper scale. It is a form of art. You are selling yourself! It was good though I did learn quite a few pointers. This last show which will be in Mittagong this weekend on Sunday at the club near MacDonalds, I am going to take a couple of different things. Seeing the various stall holders around me, I do like the old world style dolls. Dolls of yesteryear! I also like some of the modern dolls but with a theme or something different! Only one big problem I can’t sew on my modern Creative machines that I bought and enjoy,
so I will use the very old one and do a lot by hand. I have even found my Logo Doll!

Shes a German doll the last doll rolled out the year that I was born 1949! Thats why I so fell in love with her. I looked around everywhere to buy an original, but couldn’t find a pretty one. Even the Seeleys mould A7M the large size is now gone! I made three of them she is the first, and I made all her clothing so to what my grandmother would have done! Very German style of that era in the 1920’s to 30’s and last the late forties, where the
European Doll market collapsed, the U.S. taking over to this day! Even her wig is from Seeleys right from the early days and she looks exactly like the one Seeleys had in their catalogue. That’s where I saw her and then made my mind up to do her when I saw a lady had made up near Coff’s Harbour in her studio? I so fell in love with her, if only I could have shown my mother! But she took her life so early in the peace, and I never finished her quick enough to have shown her, what a great pity!

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