Antique Reproductions (Rebirth of Yesterday’s Dolls) German Children

Milettes and the Deterioration of Old Dolls

2 August 2007

After I have cleaned the bodies I check for abnormalities, fix them then I dip them into a product that protects them from deterioration. Most of the compositions of today have rubber components in them and they tend to deteriorate much faster. You can see that it lets out fumes and the clothing starts to age or look very yellowish.

Some people like that ’cause it looks old to them, and some people get very distressed by it.

If you see cracks and crazing appearing, you know then the product is starting to break down and you have to act very quickly to protect it. If not, then you will not have a doll any more.

Lots of the celluloid dolls and the English Pedigree, even American, whatever, are all made from early plastics and are starting to deteriorate as well. It amazes me when I see a dirty deteriorating doll at the markets with dirty clothes, and people still paying a high price for them. But some you can save and some you cannot. With some the breakdown is well on the way and even a liquid starts to ooze with a pungent smell, well that poor doll is definitely dying… I have even seen some that were actually melting. My heart broke I had to throw it out.

When one dips the bodies you have to make sure that you really dip it and there is no section undone that can start the process.

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