Farm Sitting

Staying at the farm farm sitting while daughter is working on the By-pass is overseas in Ireland.

It’s been so sad to see how dry the farm is but my spirit is not broken or deterred. I am coming back later in the year after contemplating the situation up North. Have been looking around and realising what my problem is. I know I have to learn and do more on the internet that’s for sure. Talking to many people around that are struggling I have noticed that in this world you really have to market yourself. I also have realised to do with what you have till it picks up and then you can consider your options… So learning and doing I am!  There is really a lot out there you have to have a go at least which I am go over and over till you start to see how things do work and how?  It’s actually very interesting especially at my age, a real challenge. Life is no point in crying over spilt milk and telling people how bad your life is and all your problems you encounter, your family want nothing to do from you, that you are a loser. No, stop, I will not listen to that, one is entitled to make mistakes we all do, but the best part is learning from it. I have always put my head on the chopping block making sure not to get chopped, but stand tall and follow your dreams…..what a Buzz when things do happen.. Been bringing down more stuff that I have finished or improved..


Travelling quillo with a pillow


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BACK it is 2016

It’s been a long while!  Haven’t quite understood all the technology hype but the crafting hype lots of improvements and learning! I thought dolls and craft were not important so living so close to the beach I thought lifestyle was more important but not so I felt a loss of adventure. I didn’t know anybody around didn’t have any friends just annoying family members. So to keep out of mischief I thought I better get back and do something only thing it’s so humid this time of year.

My home

My home this is where I live now just a block away… but I miss my crafting so I will get back into it again.  I have and am fixing my web page at least now it’s getting up to date. Love this WordPress I had no idea how to fix it up my friend looked at it and now it’s working again… now to get back and blog to my hearts content!

Where I Live

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The Barn and Garden

Barn and Garden

The Barn is now open to the public. We have created a country feel to the Barn with surrounding gardens and views. There are tables and chairs for people to enjoy the creativity within the Barn as well as enjoy a cup of tea or coffee outside. We are open most weekends and public holidays, give us call on 0412622640/0265693126. Small groups are most welcome by appointment.

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Re: Moving

A7M Karen 33″ (84cms) German ToddlerWe are finally moving! I thought it would be wonderful but its become so daunting! Have gone back to do three shows for the end of the year 2009.
Mainly to finish things for the barn and to see what people are looking for? What are they looking and buying? Very hard indeed. But if there were not
people like us collecting making things, then people wouldn’t collect or be interested in anything at all? People would not know the value of these things. I did do some modern dolls and clothing on the cheaper side so that I could pay for the stall and sell some dolls. Bad, bad, thing! First rule, you do not do what other people do, and you do not sell things on the cheaper scale. It is a form of art. You are selling yourself! It was good though I did learn quite a few pointers. This last show which will be in Mittagong this weekend on Sunday at the club near MacDonalds, I am going to take a couple of different things. Seeing the various stall holders around me, I do like the old world style dolls. Dolls of yesteryear! I also like some of the modern dolls but with a theme or something different! Only one big problem I can’t sew on my modern Creative machines that I bought and enjoy,
so I will use the very old one and do a lot by hand. I have even found my Logo Doll!

Shes a German doll the last doll rolled out the year that I was born 1949! Thats why I so fell in love with her. I looked around everywhere to buy an original, but couldn’t find a pretty one. Even the Seeleys mould A7M the large size is now gone! I made three of them she is the first, and I made all her clothing so to what my grandmother would have done! Very German style of that era in the 1920’s to 30’s and last the late forties, where the
European Doll market collapsed, the U.S. taking over to this day! Even her wig is from Seeleys right from the early days and she looks exactly like the one Seeleys had in their catalogue. That’s where I saw her and then made my mind up to do her when I saw a lady had made up near Coff’s Harbour in her studio? I so fell in love with her, if only I could have shown my mother! But she took her life so early in the peace, and I never finished her quick enough to have shown her, what a great pity!

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Introducing Nataschas Barn

Nataschas Barn and WarehouseNataschas Barn and Warehouse has finally been constructed. The barn is on the Mid-North coast at Eungai Creek which is some 36Kms north of Kempsey 1Km east of the Pacific Highway. As you can see from the attached image the barn is in ” quaker style” and will allow Natascha to display and store her products at ground and first floor levels. Very soon we will be inviting all interested persons to contact us when they are on the Mid-North Coast to join us for a look around and a cup of tea or coffee. We will be moving to the property early 2010 so we will keep you posted.

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Current projects

The BarnI have been busy working on current projects for the New Barn at Eungai Creek (Mid North Coast), here is a snap of the Barn, please don’t take too much notice as it has just been built. I am still in my Sydney place making things, cleaning up and doing up the place..
I am so looking forward to showing my creations and making people feel welcome. I will have coffee, tea and biscuits on hand , with seats around so that you can have a good look. I have been collecting and growing plants to make a beautiful garden around the barn. I have pots started with plants, border plants, lots & lots. I have also bought garden furniture table & chairs so people can sit outside which will be all built ready to be open up at the end of the year or the beginning of next year! I certainly will be working at it! I am so looking forward to it. I have been driving down the south coast and up the north coast, mountains everywhere! I am so disappointed there are no more handcraft I mean handcraft shops around. I had a shop at Revesby in Sydney but decided to retire (sort of) to the Mid North Coast (Eungai Creek). So I have finally decided to do it! I don’t exactly know how, but I will learn day by day. The best way of course is to show my art on the web! For all to see!

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What I’ve done

A Group of GollywogsI have been so busy preparing greenware so that they don’t break while in transit. I also finished projects that I started years ago. I haven’t been doing markets anymore I find that they are just a waste of time in this economic climate. So many people are doing them now, and the organisers do not look after us! Never mind I will put them all on the web and in the Barn. We still have to go up and do the upstairs,(staircase) and clean around it! The posts at the front will be a gate of Welcome! It has its own driveway instead of going up the house. Its just one kilometre exactly from the highway going up North. (Pacific Hghwy) in the Nambucca Valley, and on the bottom of Mount Yarrahappinni. An absolute pretty place on the edge of the National Park!

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German Dolls

German DollsGerman DollsI have started to begin with the German section of old dolls. I love the German dolls, mainly I am German and secondly a lot of them have very pretty faces and character. They were mostly made for the toy market and competed with the french dolls more to favour with children playthings. Many of them came undressed which people that bought them dressed themselves. Many of them were plain compared to the French which were aimed more to the fashion world!

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German Children

German ChildrenNow I’m doing my German Children. I am still keeping them to a nice marketable size and cabinet size for collecting. Some bodies are in porcelain to size up with their heads and some are in composition of paper mache, treated, painted and sealed!

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Milettes and the Deterioration of Old Dolls

After I have cleaned the bodies I check for abnormalities, fix them then I dip them into a product that protects them from deterioration. Most of the compositions of today have rubber components in them and they tend to deteriorate much faster. You can see that it lets out fumes and the clothing starts to age or look very yellowish.

Some people like that ’cause it looks old to them, and some people get very distressed by it.

If you see cracks and crazing appearing, you know then the product is starting to break down and you have to act very quickly to protect it. If not, then you will not have a doll any more.

Lots of the celluloid dolls and the English Pedigree, even American, whatever, are all made from early plastics and are starting to deteriorate as well. It amazes me when I see a dirty deteriorating doll at the markets with dirty clothes, and people still paying a high price for them. But some you can save and some you cannot. With some the breakdown is well on the way and even a liquid starts to ooze with a pungent smell, well that poor doll is definitely dying… I have even seen some that were actually melting. My heart broke I had to throw it out.

When one dips the bodies you have to make sure that you really dip it and there is no section undone that can start the process.

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